Gurara Waterfall, Niger State


Gurara Waterfalls is one of the most popular waterfalls and natural tourist attraction in Nigeria, standing tall at 98 ft. It was discovered in 1745 by Buba, a Gwari hunter and named after two gods Gura and Rara.

I visited for the first time, 5years ago just after rainy season and the water carpet was impressive. I visited recently with my able hike merchant Kayslay_45 and it was nothing short of fun. I must say this is the most accessible waterfall I’ve ever been to, the hike isn’t as hard.

Distance from Abuja is about 2hrs and roads leading to the waterfall are good. Gate fee is 1000 naira per head. It is imperative to be friendly with the locals as they are very nice and would guide your steps. There are notice boards everywhere stating you can’t swim but the natives will show you were it’s safe to swim.

Gurara PEAKS around April to November (rainy season) so it’s best to go just before or immediately after rainy season to appreciate the fall

This waterfall is a perfect spot for picnics, cylcling (you can rent bicycles here) mini hikes and swimming. Make sure to go with enough drinking water.

Have you visited Gurara waterfalls? Would you love to visit?

?Niger state. Google map is accurate

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