Jam Rock Grill: Best Places To Eat Jamaican Food In Abuja

Looking for Jamaican food in Abuja? Then look no further than, Jamrock876grill. This restaurant is a takeout spot that serves authentic Jamaican food!

I stopped by the other day for a food tasting and I believe every Nigerian needs to try Jamaican food.

Interestingly, Nigerian and Jamaican food are quite similar especially with the ingredients used. Jamaicans have foods like buns, swallow and so much more! The major difference is how the food is prepared!

My favorite dish here was the sweet and sour fish, slide 4-5 (definitely recommend) and the lemonade!

I also met the Chef, a down to earth Jamaican national who hopes to see more people embrace Jamaican food, I love it!

Pictured here is Curried Goat, Rice and Peas with Festival (Slide 1-3)
Sweet and Sour Fish (Slide 4-5)


Jam Rock Grill Best Places To Eat Jamaican Food In Abuja

Location: Kam Salem Street, Lozumba Plaza, 1st Floor. Garki, Area 10

Ever tried Jamaican food before? What did you think?

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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