Things To Do At The Barlance Abuja

BARLANCE ? New Restaurant Alert.

Where are my fun seekers at? There’s a new spot in the Buj Thebarlance. This isn’t just a restaurant, it is an EXPERIENCE.

Here are some things you can do here.

Things To Do At The Barlance Abuja

1), There’s a first of its kind Cocktail Railway where diners are treated to a whole new level of cocktail experience in a train coach.

2). Experience the Abuja-Miami beach vibes featuring fun beach games, Quad bike, lovely cabanas, white sand and a beautiful pool with pool swings. (My favorite).

Things To Do At The Barlance Abuja

3). Immerse yourself in their beautiful graffiti restrooms and talking walls. The ladies will love here. I love it too.

4).Experience Fine dinning on their indoor dinning area with a beautiful view of the pool.

Things To Do At The Barlance Abuja

5). Lounge in colorful Giant bottles, these bottles are so pretty and comes alive at night. Here you can enjoy their signature cocktails.

6). Enjoy the rooftop Shisha bar, from here you can view the entire Barlance space. I particularly love the woodsy theme.

Things To Do At The Barlance Abuja

Thebarlance will opens fully on the 25th of August
Opening times from 1pm-11pm daily.

Thebarlance 2047 Shehu Shagari way, Maitama.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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