Kado Fish Market Abuja


Since I got to Abuja this is one market I love getting my frozen foods from. The prices are reasonable and affordable. It’s also accessible and convenient.

They sell all types of fish here from frozen fish like tilapia, prawns, mackerel to cat fish, to fresh river fish like Nile Perch(Giwa Ruwa), Tiger fish, eels etc

They also sell other frozen foods like chicken, turkey, sausages etc and vegetables and other groceries. It’s the best place to buy in bulk.

They have agricultural equipments here like nets, fish boosters and feeds, collapsible ponds etc

I always come here for the cat fish. The prices range from N800- N4500. My guy is Usain (08054535498). They deliver.

The only issue I have with the place is the environment. It’s not very clean. Ive never had any issue with parking. It’s also N100 to park.

Slide 1(story) -On this day of shopping, I saw this really huge fish and I was very intrigued. The shop owner called it “Giwa Ruwa” and said it’s origin was Niger state. It weighed 60kg!

Have you been to Kado fish market? How was your experience?

Open 6:50am- 6pm.

written By: Hotperidot


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