Brook Lounge Abuja

The beauty that is Brookloungeabuja ?

While Brookloungeabuja is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in Abuja, their drinks are on another level!!

Every time I go to Tropic Galleria I keep seeing this place but never really had the time to go.

Everything about this place screams beautiful and classy. It’s really aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I had Seafood pasta. It was very delicious and I loved the portion size as well.


Seafood Pasta- 4500
Pinky Frozen – 3000
Pornstar – 3500
(VAT and other charges exclusive)

When a restaurant has beautiful ambiance, delicious food, great customers and a bartender that knows what he is doing (Lifestylecocktails_ ) what more could you want? ??

Have you visited Brook Lounge? It’s in Tropic Galleria, Central Area.

Review By: Hotperidot


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