Craft Bistro And Gourmet

I’ve been VERY overwhelmed with work, Lagos traffic, and my final Msc exams these past few weeks, so when i finally had some free time, i headed to Craftgourmet ?

They have a quaint little space i totally love, and the waiter who attended to me was a dream. Didn’t quite catch his name, but that’s what ideal customer service should look like.

I had the spicy chicken pasta with iced tea and my food actually came in record time! Hallelujah ? While i chatted with the waiter about what Fattoush was, i snacked on these really yummy sweet potato crisps provided.

Craft Gourmet was a beautiful experience and although i had to leave the entire restaurant to use the restroom a few doors away, i understand that it’s because of their location (Mega Plaza, VI) so when they move to a bigger place, it’ll hopefully be better. ??

I already cannot wait to go back to Craftgourmet. The food was delicious, the ambience was perfect, and everyone was so nice and friendly. 10/10 from me ❤️

Review By: Damiedarling


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