Kid City Abuja

? Tropic Galleria Mall, Central Area

So I’ve come to Kidcity_abuja several times for Zane but that was just for a few hours. Also if you check my previous posts you’ll see a review of their place.

We were invited for the pop up event and also a thorough tour around the facility on Sunday and we absolutely loved it. They have spaces for the kids to learn martial arts and ballet, arts and craft, play video games and proper school work. They even have a space for special needs kids that need that extra attention to learn which I really love.

They have a movie theatre, a cafeteria with food just prepared to your kids taste( also for your kids that have allergies), a really beautiful music room, spaces where they sleep(from babies to young kids), a spa and salon where they do mani and pedis and even a massage room, a diaper room and space for events!

As you can see from the photos, these are the different spaces I didn’t previously post. I really love the colorful decor. It’s the ambiance and really clean environment for me ??

I’ll leave the tour in my highlights as the carousel isn’t enough to showcase everywhere.

Meanwhile Zane wasn’t in the mood for pictures AT ALL but he enjoyed his arts and craft session. Check out his painting at the end (Zane not Zen smh)?? it’s on sale for N5 million only ??

What do you think about this place?

Review By: Hotperidot


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