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KINGS COURT (Kingscourt_restaurant)

Alot of you have been hounding me to review very affordable restaurant with great ambience, so here’s one. We visited this beautiful place located in Gwarinpa.

Kings court is a fast food restaurant that serves mostly native meals at very affordable prices, I mean with less than 5k you can eat comfortably here.

The restaurant is new and very easy to locate. The geometry patterns and color play gives the entire ambience a cheerful vibe.

Here are some of what we had;

1). Native rice and Jollof rice #1500 : We paired the meal with beef kebab. The native rice was my top favorite and a must order when you visit. The beef was also well seasoned.

2). Spaghetti jollof and Chicken #500 and #1000: The Spaghetti is a typical example if “do not judge a book by it’s cover” . I didn’t like the look at first until I tried it, I dare say it’s one of the best spags I’ve ever had. The veggies were fresh and the spaghetti was perfectly cooked. they may need to work on presentation. The portion is also great, chicken was a top fav, very succulent 😋.

3) Ofe Owerri 1k with semo 300 and Croaker fish 1k: Where my Ofe Owerri lovers at?? You’ll definitely enjoy this meal if you are familiar with it as it isn’t a common soup. I particularly loved that the Ukazi tasted very fresh and the spices didn’t overpower the leaves. The fish was good.

4) White Rice 500, stew,Boiled eggs and Fried plantain 400: This was tasty.

Overall we were very impressed and thoroughly satisfied. I totally recommend for lunch breaks and casual outings.

I learned their best selling meals are the garden egg sauce and black soup, will try them when next I visit. Alcohol isn’t served here except on request (wine only).

Check them out and thank me later.

📍 Kingscourt_restaurant , Edad plaza 1st avenue Gwarinpa, opposite LG showroom.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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