Mangrove Delicious

Sharwama OR Pizza??

So many people recommended this spot in my comment section and DM and I went there with very high expectations.

I was expecting at least average because the people of Owerri like good stuff and take pride in lounging, eating out and enjoying.

I wish I visited more places that showed the culture like ibari ogwa but it’s not me that they will carry to replace prisoners.

????? (#rcapproved)

Mangrove Delicious

PIZZA: This pizza was cheesier than many pizzas I’ve had in Lagos. As for char on the crust, I thought that would mean it being burned but the crust was soft and added a Smokey flavor to the pizza. I’ll give this a 5/10. Decent but could have had more flavor and been more memorable.

SHARWAMA: although the cabbage and tortilla wrap were a little soft and seemed precooked, it actually tasted good. The marinara was rich with the right amount of heat but the sogginess of the sharwama just made it a tad bit uncomfortable.

CHICKEN PERI PERI: This entire snack should be reviewed. If you are a meat pie, be a meat pie but that amount of flour and crust is too much for the tiny mix that hid in that large room of dough. It’s lonely…….

There is no verdict. I am yet to explore the city so I can’t really tell what the threshold is yet. But this is a decent place with many options and I definitely cannot say it was a waste of my money.

?: @mangrovedelicious

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 500-5,000
CUISINE : Grill/Fast food⁣⁣
BEST FOR : Friendly dates/Family⁣
ADDRESS?: New Owerri
PARKING ?:⁣ Plenty

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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