Wood Ash Bistro, Abuja


Woodashbistro is a restaurant located in Gwarinpa that offers 3 course meals at just N5,000 (excluding vat). I was invited for lunch here last week along with some other food bloggers.


This restaurant offers various menu’s but when I visited we had dishes from the Nigerian Menu. This came with the following options:

Starter: Goat Meat Peppersoup or Gizdodo
Main: Ofada Rice and Sauce or Pounded Yam and Efo Ririo
Dessert: Coconut Dreams or Fruit Parfait

The Peppersoup was tasty and the meat tender, I enjoyed it. I had the Ofada which I loved, especially the sauce. It came with plenty meat and rice too, great portions! We had to ask for extra sauce though, which was provided. I wish it came with plantain too. I also tasted the Efo ririo and wow, it tasted so fresh, the pepper was evident but it wasn’t too spicy which worked. There was a debate over the oiliness of the soup but guys really, isn’t the excess oil part of what makes Yoruba food hit the spot ??‍♀️?. In fact the more oil the better please.

Both desserts were good but my favorite was the coconut dream. For drinks we were served a Mango Bellini mocktail, this I thought was interesting. We don’t often see drinks with mangoes, so I liked the switch. The drink was sweet, I did feel that it needed a little kick. This restaurant does not serve drinks with alcohol, but perhaps some lime or lemon would give it that kick ?

While the seating space indoors is quite small, they set up seating outdoors, which can be customized to suit the occasion. This is a great place for group hangouts and Birthday Parties

Woodashbistro opens only on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12pm-5pm, you have to make reservations ahead.

Location: The Bistro Itself is not on the map, you may input Mastermind Catering and Culinary Institute, Gwarinpa. It’s close to Crush Cafe

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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