List of Traditional Festivals celebrated in Igbo Land

The Igbos are an ethnic group native to the present-day south-central and southeastern Nigeria. Geographically, the Igbo homeland is divided into two unequal sections by the Niger River– an eastern (which is the larger of the two) and a western section. The Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. In the igbo culture, the igbo people celebrate lots and different type of festivals. Although most communitiest in Igbo land celebrates the same or similar festival with different names, i will be listing names of Igbo festivals with the town that celebrates them.

List of Traditional Festivals celebrated in Igbo Land

Ten most popular traditional festival celebrated in Igbo land.

1. New Yam Festival (All Igbo community)

2. Ofala Festival – Onitsha, Anambra state
3. Ovala Festival – Agulueri, Anambra state
4. Ofala Festival – ukpo, Anambra state
5. Aju Festival, ‘Iwa Akwa’ – Ugbo, Enugu state
6. Iwa Akwa Festival, Obowo, Imo State
7. Igu Aro Festival – Enugu-ukwu Anambra
8. Ekpe Festival – Umuahia Abia State
9. Egbo Festival – Ikwueke Oboro, Ikwuano, Abia State
10. Inne Festival – Asaba, Delta State
10 Most Popular Festival In Nigeria
11. Odo Festival – Ngwo, Udi Enugu State
12. Igwa Nshi Festival – Eke, udi LGA,  Enugu State
13. Ede festival – Abagana, anambra state
14. Odo Festival – Aku, Nsukka, Enugu State
15. Iwa Akwa Festival – Ogbor Ihitteaforkwu, Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo State
16. Uzoiyi Festival – Umuoji, Anambra State
17. Ili Ede festival – Eziowelle, Anambra State
18. Ibono festival – Akama oghe, Ezeagu, Enugu State
19. Ili Ede festival – Umudioka, Anambra State
20. Imo Awka Festival – Awka, Anambra State
List of Traditional Festivals celebrated in Igbo Land
21. Ili Ede festival – Umunnachi, Anambra State
22. Ikeji Festival – Arondizogu, Imo State
23. Owu festival – Isu and Abajah, Imo State
24. Nwafo ogidi Festival – Ogidi Anambra State
25. Ikeji Festival – Arochukwu, Abia State
26.  Igba owu festival – umuokanne ohaji, Imo state
27.  Iri unani festivals – umuokanne ohaji, Imo state
28. Okorosha festival –  Ifakala, Imo state
29. Okorosha festival – Mbieri, Imo state
30. Okorosha festival – Ubomiri, Imo state
60th Igu Aro Festival of Enugwu-Ukwu
31. Okonko festival – umuowa, IMO state
32. Okonko festival – Amakohia, IMO state
32. Ebuebu Amorji festival – Oduma Enugu state
33. Ebuebu Festival – Orlu, Imo State
34. Ihe Udummiri festival – Umuapu, Imo State
35. Onwu Awaka Festival –  Awaka, Imo State
36. Ihe Udummiri festival – Mgbirichi, Imo State
37. Ihe Udummiri festival – Umuokann, Imo State
38. Igaji Egbema (new yam festival) – Egbema, Imo State
39. Igaji (new yam festival) – Obosima, Imo State
40. Igaji festival – Obogwe, Imo State
List of Traditional Festivals celebrated in Igbo Land
41. Mkpukpuzo and Ita Okazi Festival – Emii, Imo State
42. Igaji (new yam festival) -Amafor, Imo State
43. Oji Ezinihitte festival – Ezinihitte, Imo State
44. Mbom -Uzo festival – Ngo Okpala, Imo State
45. Oruru- Ukwu festival – Enyiogugu, Imo State
46. Bia were Oji and Riforo festival – Uvuru and Lorji, Imo State
47. Itu Aka festival – Nguru Uboma Awaise, Imo State
48. Igba Mmanwu/Isuachara festivals – Iho, Imo State
49. Iriji festival (new yam festival) – Ikeduru, Imo State
50. Igaji  festival -Ohuobaa, Imo State
List of Traditional Festivals celebrated in Igbo Land
51. Omereife festival  – Mgbele, Nkwesi, Nneukwu, Osu Obodo Eziorsu, Oguta Egbuoma and Egwe, Imo State
52. Okorosha festival  –  Agwa, Awa Izombe, Akabo and Ejemekuru, Imo State
53. Onwu Oru Festival – Uratta, Imo State
54. Ugu-Uzo Festival – Emekuku Imo State
55. Oke Aku Festival – Ezaa Ezekuna, Ebonyi State
56. Inne Festival – Issele Uku, Delta State
57. Ojiji Festival – Abakaliki, Ebonyi State 
58. Ogba Festival – Egede, Udi Enugu State
59. Ezi ugbo festival – Asaba, Delta State
60. Igba owu Festival – Orodo, Mbieri, Imo State
List of Traditional Festivals celebrated in Igbo Land
61. Onwa Asato Festival – Awkuzu
62. mmanwu Festival – Ituku, Enugu State
63. Ite Festival – Isiopko, River State
64. Omasuru Festival – Ahai, Ogbakiri River State 
65. Omabe Festival – Obimo, Enugu State
66. Okpuru Uke Fishing Festival – Ebonyi State
67. Omabe Festival – Opi, Enugu Ezike, Nssuka, Enugu State
68. Akatakpo Masquerade Festival – Ovoko, Enugu State
69. Onunu Festival – Okpuje, Enugu State
Oja Cultural Festival – Enugu State
Mmanwu Festival – Enugu state, The annual masquerade festival in  November organised by Enugu State Government. 

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