Tiger bar, GRA Enugu


Tiger bar, GRA Enugu

Tigerbar_enugu is a nice relaxation spot to relax every evening with friends and family.
I couldn’t get so much details about this place because the security man was being very unprofessional and very badly behaved, he insisted I don’t take pictures and make video of the place without any concrete reason.

From the little I could get and all I could observe
It’s an open bar, with a drink stand placed at the center of the compound.

Tiger bar, GRA Enugu

Tiger bar is known for making all kinds of grills.
Fish, suya and the rest.

I like their space.
The walls are painted beautifully and pictures are allowed (one of the staff said it’s allowed)

There is a big parking lot where cars are parked.

I also wasn’t able to get anything because they were slow. hopefully I stop by again and hope they act more professionally this time.

Tiger bar, GRA Enugu

It’s located at
30 Park avenue, GRA enugu.

Have you been to Tiger bar, what was the experience?
Don’t forget to tag us when you do.

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