Local Cuisine of Rodrigues Island

Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine of Rodrigues Island
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One highlight of a visit to Rodrigues is the magnificent mixture of cuisines on offer. The most common varieties are Créole, European, Chinese and Indian, with big selection of seafood.
The secret of the Rodrigues cuisine lies in the freshness of the ingredients, the expertise handed over from the past generations and the local flavors and aromas of well-preserved culinary traditions.
A typical Rodrigues buffet might include a biryani, Chinese pork, chicken curry, Créole roast beef and vegetables French-style.

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Mandatory specialties are the octopus curry, chicken curry, honey glazed pork, cono-cono salad, Mussel gratin, corn-fed chicken salad with ginger, sautéed crab, steamed fish smoked ham and the piments limon which are small pickled green lemons ground and mixed with chilies.
It’s highly recommended to try the delicious soup of fresh shellfish gathered from the beach, seasoned with coriander.
Common dishes include rougaille, a Mediterranean dish of tomatoes, garlic, onions, meat, fish, and octopus stew. Boiled rice is served with almost all dishes.

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Favorite local beverages include a refreshing yogurt and ice-water drink (Lassi), and alouda which is a syrupy brew of agar, milk, and flavored syrups available almost everywhere in Rodrigues. Also, it is possible to find locally produced beer and rum which are potent and cheap. Wines, European spirits are hard to find, and when found, are usually very expensive.
For dessert, there is a rich selection ofpapaya or coconut pies with freshly grated coconut or flavored with cinnamon, and a maize pudding. Also, there are the local delights of the sweet potato cakes and the Cassava cakes.

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