Best Restaurants in London

London, a place that its name evokes awe and respect. A great deal of history has taken place here and it has been the world leader in many things from power to fashion to politics. It has been the crown jewel of a country that once ruled the world and it has played host to quite some important events.  One thing London specialises in is classiness and style and this extends to their foods and their restaurant. Today, am going to be telling you about the best restaurants in London that I definitely recommend you try out, should you ever visit London.

They are:


St John

This is truly one of the best restaurants in London and one that truly merits the position. St John restaurant is continually committed to well-sourced, simply cooked traditional food that stands the test of time: it’s still one of the best restaurants in London, 21 years after opening its doors. It uses unique flavours and obscure ingredients to grace its twice-daily-changing menu, and despite its reputation for concentrating on meaty-based dishes, fish dishes are expertly cooked and very serious. This restaurant doesn’t come cheap, nor is it as expensive as roughly comparable places.

Simpson’s In the Strand


This restaurant is another one that deserves a place on the list of best restaurants in London; Simpson’s has a lightness of touch that belies its 192-year age and venerable status. Being one of the Savoy’s restaurants it has the service you’d expect from such a solid institution whose history is twinned with Winston Churchill’s remarkable appetite, though alongside all these,  there is also a sense of fun.

As you can imagine here, the main dishes are plant-based in the sense that the cows you will be eating were fed on grass. The famous carving trolleys provide the most tender roast beef imaginable, although I suggest this might be a better option on weekends than weeknights, on which I personally recommend something from the grill, such as the Scottish halibut on the bone or chateaubriand. Winston Churchill, on the other hand, however, would probably have ordered all three.



1. Fallow, Mayfair

Another worthy mention on the list of best restaurants in London is this restaurant; Fallow, the Nieves Barragán Mohacho’s celebrated tapas-style joint Sabor had reigned supreme on bustling Heddon Street for a couple of years now – until the launch of this place. The cooks; Will Murray and Jack Croft, who met while working the stoves at Dinner by Heston before teaming up to create their own venture with the spotlight on British produce, are the force behind Fallow restaurant.

They pay as much attention to the sourcing of ingredients as their preparation; most come from less intensively farmed family estates and small day boats. The result is a small, ever-changing menu, written on paper made from harvested algae, that brims with a wealth of seasonal snacks and sharing places, all of which tell a story staff are only too happy to tell. It feels as much of an intimate dining experience as a master class in sustainable cooking and truly merits its place on the list of best restaurants in London.


Lamb's sweetbreads & pancetta; Primeur, 116 Petherton Road, London N5 2RT,

Once a former car garage in a residential part of Highbury, this restaurant is a slick operation hiding behind a practised nonchalant exterior and although small and not much descript, it deserves a place on the list of best restaurants in London. The restaurant menu – scribbled on a piece of A4, hot off the kitchen press – combines the rustic savoir-faire of France and the gastronomic gusto of Italy with the best of British seasonal produce: daily-changing Med-accented dishes range from salt veal with borlotti beans and vibrant green sauce, to spider-crab soup with a punchy aioli. The wine list is as much of a draw as the food: from the hundred-bin cellar, staffs pick a dozen or so wines for the day’s list, mostly low-intervention, many by the glass.



This restaurant is a newcomer to Dalston; Oren is the Tel Avivian love affair from chef Oded Oren, offering Mediterranean dishes that feel loving rather than stingy. The intimate setting is set up like a Brooklyn rental flat, filled with concrete and low lighting. It’s no-frills dining, with the emphasis fully on high-quality ingredients and accomplished cooking.

Highlights from the menu include the perfectly simple stone-baked flatbread, tomato and olive oil and the burnt aubergine with mount Gerizim tahini, which is both creamy and sweet.

The baked hispi cabbage – buttery-soft inside and chargrilled on the outside – with sweetened romesco and raw tahini is outstanding, while the lemon sole in the Libyan “Chraime” is rich and deep in flavour from the tomato sauce, deceptively fiery from the background heat of the chillies and balanced with pops of sour from the capers. With its high-quality section of low-intervention wines to its elevated home-cooking-style desserts, (I recommend you try the chocolate mousse with almonds), Oren is a new East End of London gem and a definite mention on the list of best restaurants in London.

Fatt Pundit


Fatt Pundit specializes in Indian-originated “Hakka” cuisine and is another mention on the list of best restaurants in London. The inside vibe is a mix of Soho-sharing-plates buzzy and Indian café chic: long and narrow, exposed concrete, small tables, large dining bar, never quite enough space for all the plates that will arrive and decorated with a strong influence from Tangra.

The signature dish is the momos, juicy steamed dumplings that boast influences everywhere from Bhutan to Nepal to Tibet. Chinese on the streets and Indian beneath the sheets, they are unlike any dumplings you’ve had before. Other essentials include their signature spicy “lollipop chicken” and crackling spinach with a yoghurt topping and a pomegranate zing. However, perhaps best are the rabbit wontons – tangy, gamey, spicy, hard to place and utterly sublime. Go before the Instagram food crowd takes it over and make it impossible to visit and enjoy one of the best restaurants in London.

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Written By: William Nwokoji





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