Flaky’s kitchen, Lagos

Flaky’s kitchen has two spots in Lagos, one in Lekki phase 1 and the other at Ikota (Ascon Fuel station, opposite Mega Chicken). For this post, I will be reviewing their Ikota space.

Flaky’s kitchen, Lagos

The restaurant has a small space, the smallest I’ve been to. However, the ambiance is great for taking photos.

Tip: Wear Bold colors (the pictures will pop)?.

Sincerely this is one of the most affordable Chinese restaurants I’ve been to in Lagos. They also serve Nigerian meals, but I don’t go to an exotic restaurant with the intent to try out Nigerian meals there is jollof rice at home, abeg?.

Great place for hanging out with few friends or catching up with old ones. Quite cozy for a couple that just wants to have lunch, maybe not for dinner because the restaurant might be busy and noisy then, (that’s if you don’t like those types of settings) but If you don’t mind a busy house, carry on.

Flaky’s kitchen, Lagos

Omo, Flaky’s gives you quality and quantity for your money the taste of their food is so so yummy?.
One restaurant I can visit again and again because of their tasty food and they have several options to choose from. The portion of their dishes is great which is one of the reasons why I will always go back to patronize them?.

When placing an order, ensure the waiter is jotting down your orders (as they should) because they might get it mixed up trying to attend to other customers. Notwithstanding, be rest assured that your order will be corrected immediately if any mistake happens.

The ikota branch location might not be favorable for the brand as they’re just opposite a major player in the fast-food industry Mega Chicken. Either way, I believe they have their target market and should focus on it since they’re not necessarily in the same category.

Flaky’s kitchen, Lagos

Budget: Their meals come in different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large portions). I will say 15k is enough for 2 but if you want to go extra as I did, 15k for 1 person.

PS: I will recommend their “Noodles with SeaFood” any day anytime!


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