My Journey To Dubai

Leaving my country, my family and friends wasn’t easy at all, it was like the toughest decision i have ever made but there is a saying in my place that one doesn’t stay in one place while watching a masquerade.
Dubai no doubt is a land of opportunity and to me it is a great place to live and work, security wise Dubai is ranked highly for safety and security, quality of life and quality of health care etc. 
security is one of the first thing that comes to ones mind before relocating to any part of the world. building on similar lines, Dubai is one of the most secure job destinations in the world. regarded as one of the top five safest cities in the world, Dubai gives you the lowest corruption rates, minimal crime level and security services are available every minutes of the day ensuring the safety and security of everyone. for visitors or residents of the city, you can never get bored living in the emirate because the city has more activities, events, services and facilities that you can get somewhere else, there are always something new to do, try, see, taste, experience or encounter. 
When i made the move to come to Dubai i didn’t know what to expect on arrival. My journey to Dubai started with a one month tourist visa. when i arrived at the Abudhabi international airport their was no body to pick me up although i had made an arrangement for that. You know what its like coming to a place for the first time, i was very confused and didn’t know what to, as i was working round the airport hoping that the person that was supposed to pick me calls me or at least answer my own call i met a Pakistan taxi driver who took me to a place called Deira park and charged me 250dhs which is a very hug amount of money but i had to pay it because i was new and didn’t know the actual amount that i was supposed to pay. well, on getting to Deira park i called someone i got his number from my very good friend ken, although i haven’t met this guy in person but since he reside in Dubai and i don’t know much people there i had no other option thank to call him, i didn’t know if he was going to help me but i had to try. when he finally came to where i was, i was surprised. not really surprised that he came but because i knew him. he was the person that was supposed to help me with my travel visa but i left him because i have never met him in person. so after a while i called back the person that was supposed to pick me up and he answered and told me to stay close to a supermarket called Madina Hypermarket. 
when he eventually came around he took me straight to where he lives, i had the option of lodging myself in a hotel or staying with him and his friends and i chose to stay with them because the hotels there are so exorbitant but i did pay them 500dhs. Two weeks after i came i decided to look for a job, but to be sincere it wasn’t easy at all, but with the help of a guy called chigozie i got a job but before then, my visa had expired and i haven’t signed the job offer letter then. one thing i never wanted to do was to live as a fugitive in another man’s land so i had to leave. I believe that what ever will be will be and God being so kind to me, few days after i arrived Lagos the very company that offered me the job sent me an offer letter and i signed it and sent it back to them. after three weeks the company sent me a visa and a Qatar airline ticket and i went back. I  worked with them for a year and six months before goting another job.

Living here has been a wonderful experince, descovering the different sides of dubai, from its spectacular skyline to its wonderful and amazing culture, Dubai being a land full of exotic destinations, you meet people of different culture from all over the world.
Dubai now feels like home but it can never be like home.

5 thoughts on “My Journey To Dubai

  • Wow, this is really inspiring, especially as we are thinking of doing the same. Thanks for this 😀

  • Most people recognize Dubai thanks to its incredible skyline, but as you show, there is much more to this Middle Eastern nation than tall buildings and many cool things to discover.

  • I just read another article about the 15 world records you can visit in UAE: 64 kg gold ring, the biggest mall in the world, the tallest skyscraper, the largest water projection, etc. You definitely have a lot to explore there.


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