Karshi Waterfalls, Karshi Abuja


Located within Karshi, a satellite town in Abuja, is Karshi Waterfalls. It’s about a 40 mins drive from central area without traffic. It’s way after Kurudu btw. We saw it today ?

The journey to access this waterfall is not beans o. It’s quite a long hike, about 30 mins. The route is also rocky and slippery. Hiking shoes or proper sneakers is a necessity here.

We visited this spot earlier this year and the water capacity wasn’t as full as it was today. However, the water was actually cleaner. It seems the water comes directly from a rock, it’s very cool as well.

How do you access this spot? The route is not straightforward, you’d definitely need the guide of a local or you could join a hiking club. It’s not a journey you’d want to go alone either. We joined Kayhikersclub on this. You can also access the route to this spot via the Girls Government School College in the same area. Do keep in mind that you might not be granted access through the main gate.

Source: Abuja Lifestyle

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