Nitori Restaurant, Abuja


There’s a new restaurant in town! It’s located in Garki, something different for a change! Nitorirestaurant serves tasty and affordable Nigerian food. They are known especially for their meat dish, Denderu from the Kanuri tribe in the North.

I was invited here recently and tried out their local Nigerian meals

Ofada Rice – N600
Ofada Sauce – N500
Ewa Goyin – N500
Plantain – N300
Amala – N300
Ewedu – N50
Gbegiri – N200
Beef – N400
Assorted – N400
Watermelon Juice – N500

Let’s talk about the Ofada sauce, it’ll always be a fav ?. Loved that the sauce was spicy spicy! The ewa goyin was tasty, I especially liked the fried sauce. The food could have been served hotter.

I had the watermelon juice to go with the food and guys, as far as watermelon juice goes, this was actually really good! The chef was very pleasant as well. This restaurant also has dishes such as Jollof and fried rice etc.

Nitorirestaurant was spacious, well-lit and clean for dinning in. I loved the incorporation of the painted mural walls, it gave the space a nice touch. They also have spaces for bookings for events etc.

LOCATION: 2 Iviukwe Close off Twon Brass Street Garki Abuja. They don’t open on Sunday.

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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