Yesterday I posted a picture on my story (second slide) of a platter and asked people how much they would pay for it and the responses were absolutely hilarious ? I knew the reaction would be more hilarious if people knew how much it really went for. ⁣

So I visited @tartar_abuja recently for their soft opening with @g.preye @thelifestylegal_ @theabujafoodie @abujafoodtour

It was quite an interesting evening. Tar Tar is Restaurant and Bar but it seems they are focusing more on the bar/lounge because the food options were very limited. ⁣

??? ???? ⁣
We ordered: ⁣
•Tar Tar special platter which comes with 2 Jumbo prawns, corn, goat meat, chicken, 2 spring rolls, potato wedges, and plantain. ⁣
•Oriental Basmati Rice ⁣
•Grilled Goat ⁣
•Yam Chips ⁣

So let me start with the platter, this platter costs ??,???! I couldn’t understand it, well I mean the country is hard and food is expensive but this seemed outrageous. It felt like we were paying for aesthetics maybe the wood the food came in and when we asked they said it can feed 3 people but it wasn’t filling at all ? ⁣
The grilled goat meat was what I was looking forward to but all I could taste was garlic and worst of all it was just BONE! The only thing I really enjoyed was Oriental Basmati Rice ?? ⁣

For a soft opening I was quite disappointed that no one even came to our table to ask us about our experience. The waiters didn’t ask, the manager didn’t show up, even the owner. ⁣

I mean that’s the least you can do if you really care about your customers and also want to be better. A lot of restaurants miss this and I feel it should be taken into consideration if they want to be better. Without us there would be no you basically ??‍♀️⁣

Price ⁣
Tar Tar Special Platter – 15,500⁣
Grilled Goat Meat – 4,000⁣
Oriental Basmati Rice – 1,500⁣
Yam Chips – 1,000⁣

If you visit @tartar_abuja do share your review with me/tag me, I hope you have a better experience ?⁣

Review by vallerie eats



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