Curry Leaves Restaurant

If you’re not new to this page you’d know Curry_leaves18?. This restaurant serves Indian and Chinese food. Their garlic prawns, cheese naan, and lemon tea are some of our favorite things to order here!

I discovered them a while ago and have gone back more times than I can count. I was recently hosted to lunch here and this is an updated review

Curry Leaves Restaurant

Grilled Fish with Hara Sauce – N3,800
Crispy Chicken – N2,900
Dynamite Prawns – N4,900
Dynamite Chicken – N3,500
Schezwan Fried Rice Chicken – N2,900
Chicken Noodlrs – N2,900
Non Veg Platter – N5,500
Grilled Prawns – N4,900
Dates Shake – N2,000
1 Watermelon Mojito – N1,800

Curry Leaves Restaurant

My top favorite this time was the crispy chicken (the deep red looking dish) Love the slight crunch on the outside and seasoning on the chicken. The chicken noodles was a great side to the crispy chicken. I definitely recommend! Also loved the watermelon shake, watermelon is usually quite underwhelming in drinks but this drink was totally different! I wanted more! I also enjoyed the dates shake, it was sweet, different and reminded me of ice cream. Drinks are always quite good and offer great value for the price.

The restaurant also added a new dish to the menu, the dynamite prawns and chicken, I quite liked this. I only wished there was less mayonnaise and plenty pepper, it needed the kick to contrast the cream. I did prefer the dynamite chicken over the prawns though. By the way, the food at Curry Leaves is really spiced!

Curry Leaves Restaurant

Service is always pleasant and the owners are such great hosts!

Curry Leaves offers a clean & comfy indoor and outdoor dinning area. They also deliver. The aroma of food in this restaurant will heighten your long-throat o ?

No 1 Kinda Close, off Bangui Street Wuse 2. landmark is Food City. @curryleaves delivers

Ever been to @curryleaves, what was your experience?


Source: Abuja Lifestyle


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