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Obodo_abj is a restaurant that serves African delicacies in Mararaba. When I first came across this spot on Instagram I was intrigued and curious especially given the ambiance for the location. While in the area yesterday chasing waterfalls (see previous posts) Waka_waka_nnenna and I stopped by to check it out.

I love the laid back feel of the space, the bamboo and wooden interior and the raffia lights. I also thought the picture frames on the walls were a nice touch. Seems this place comes more alive in the night.

For food we had the:
Jollof Rice with Chicken N1,100
Gizdodo N600
Oha Soup Swallow Beef, N800
Goat Meat Peppersoup N500
Abacha N800
Isi Ewu N1,000

I enjoyed the Gizdodo, it was different from the usual, it had a twist that worked. I’m not really a fan of abacha but for some reason this time I tried it and I liked it. I enjoyed the spices especially. The fish that came along with it was very flavorful and the kpomo very spicy, I loved that! Waka_waka_nnenna, our very own Igbo sister said the abacha, Isi Ewu, and Oha soup were tasty and authentic. The Jollof rice was my least favorite, I felt it needed more of the party style taste. I loved the chicken that was served with it though, very well seasoned. Service was somewhat slow but it appeared this was because they were short staffed when we visited.

For all my people in the Nyanya axis and beyond this is one place you should check out. It’s a cool place to lounge and have some drinks especially from the late afternoon or evening. For those who can’t make it this far, they do deliver ?

Obodo_abj is a short distance from sharp corner Maraba, specifically the street between NAGIS office and Canal Olympia Cinema

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