The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

The Pentagram is a Chinese restaurant located in Lekki Lagos, they also have a space in Festac but I will be reviewing the one at Lekki.
It has a nice but busy Ambiance and it’s very spacious, love there are different sections in the restaurant which makes it ideal for anything you want to do in a restaurant.

The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

There is a large hall for different types of events like wedding receptions, conferences/seminars, birthdays, etc. Another small space for private events for bridal/baby showers, and birthdays with very few guests.

Although there is a space with natural light and beautiful decorations also with a large mirror and large wings for Instagram-able pictures.

The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

There is another space with dimmed lights, blue hues, and yellow hues lights which isn’t that great for pictures yet ideal for dinner dates and romantic evenings. I love how they capture every target market.

One of the catchy features of the restaurant is they have robots serving your meals (of course with the help of waiters) just like a moving tray which is fascinating.

The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

Although the meals are nice however, they are pricey, this one is not even a matter of whether they have their target market, I believe if I’m paying that much, I should get quality for my money. The meals are very average compared to the price.

They were just there, after eating, I was like is that all? My table even looked scanty for the price I paid for the meals. I remember asking the waitress if serving is enough for two people. My dear brothers and sisters, it is not even enough for two light eaters.

The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

The sweet and sour chicken sauce was too sweet and sticky like I was eating rice with honey and It was more veggies than chicken. The nuggets were great and well fried although the caramel latte was just plain milk with ice, I was disappointed.

The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

What I had:
Sweet and sour sauce N13,000
Beef fried rice N8500
Fried chicken nuggets N7500
Grape and Lemon Juice N4500
Caramel latte N3500

The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

A red flag I ignored was when I was the only guest even at the peak time on a Sunday. I just said to myself, “Faith you don fuckup”???? I use that as an opportunity to take pictures as much as I want sha.

The Pentagram Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

In conclusion, it’s a nice restaurant and all these gaps are probably because it’s a new restaurant but just know it’s not budget-friendly.

Written By: Faithreviews


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