Taj Bistro Abuja

No. 1 Atabara Street, Off Kampala Street, Wuse 2 Abuja, Nigeria⁣

Taj Bistro the restaurant everyone is talking about at the moment. You may be wondering  typical Abuja restaurant, is it worth the hype? YES ? it’s worth the hype! ⁣

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First of all the ambience is everything! I must say if you really want to know how beautiful it is you should visit at night! It has such a beautiful view and ambience but if you are going with another person’s babe or man it may not be the best place for you cos you may be seen from outside ? so you may want to opt for the VIP area. They have an open area, VIP area, Hookah lounge for shisha. Every space is open for the public at no extra charge spending on where you are most comfortable with. ⁣

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Mennnn I had really high expectations since I saw picture and videos from their opening and every single one of them was met. I went with a friend of mine and we ordered their Signature Jollof Rice and Spaghetti Meat Balls. First of I wish I ordered the Spaghetti meat balls ? cos of how AMAZING it was, it comes with a really nice garlic bread. The signature jollof was also so good, it came with plantain and chicken wings. They have amazing chefs for real, the food here is soooo gooood! Can’t wait to visit again to try out other meals. ⁣

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The waiters and waitresses are so pleasant and welcoming. There is something about the service that makes you feel so at home and they have a good knowledge about the meals on the menu too. ⁣

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I’ve heard people say their food is pricey but I don’t think it is. Their portion size seems good too. For a fun dining restaurant their prices are very ok to me. *????? ??? ????? ?????*⁣

Will I recommend? ? ⁣

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Spaghetti Meat Balls – 5,000⁣
Signature Jollof Rice- 6,000⁣
Pineapple Strawberry- 3,000⁣
Chapman – 3,500⁣



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