Lounges, Clubs And Bars in Abakaliki

Looking for a great place to have a good time with friends in Abakaliki? There are a whole lot of chilled out lounge, clubs, and bars in Abakaliki to hangout and enjoy some quality time with friends and loved ones.

1. City Lounge:

Address: 1 Hilltop St, Azuiyi Udene, Abakaliki

2. Vista Sparkling Hotels:

Address: 1 Vista Oge Crescent Off Amasiri Street Abakaliki

3. Excelsior suites and Lounge:

Address: 39 Onwe Road, Ntezi Abba, Abakaliki

4. Club 043:

Address: Onwe Abkaliki, Abakaliki – Ugep Rd

5. Colambeauty lounge:

Address: No 1 Hilltop Road, Azuiyi Udene, Abakaliki

6. De Light Hotel:

Address: 14/17 Okoh Street Off Amagu Road Garriki, Abakaliki

7. Xclusive Palace:

Address: Awolowo Street, Azuiyi Udene, Abakaliki

8. Local Bar:

Address: Azuiyi Udene, Abakaliki

9. Villa Kapusto:

Address: Omege Avenue, Amike-Aba, Abakaliki

10. Brifina Garden:

Address: 5 Water Works Road, Abakaliki

11. 2nd Baze Bar:

Address: Afikpo Road, Abakaliki

12. O Kings Arena:

Address: 151 hilltop road, Abakaliki

13. Largeman Gaming Lounge:

Address: No 20 ojeowere street Abakaliki


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