Spur Nigeria, Lagos

Before I step into any restaurant, I always know how much I intend to spend but I never know what I intend to eat, I sha know that I must not wash plate at the end of the day 😂
My question is how much food can actually satisfy a real foodie?

I finally visited Officialspurnigeria and I can say that this is a place that gives you complete value for money spent, taste, quantity, service, presentation, ambiance, everything is just 💯

Spur Nigeria, Lagos

I ordered the EAT LIKE A KING MINI platter (16k) consisting of;

– Chicken Stripes (2 plates)
– Assorted salad (2 plates)
– Quarter chicken (2pcs)
– Sole fish (2pcs)
– Wine (1 bottle)
– Waffle and ice cream (1 plate)
– Soda (1L)
– French fries (2 portions)

Spur Nigeria, Lagos


PRESENTATION: I visited the spurs at admiralty way, entering the place, you wouldn’t expect their space to be as big as it is, lovely space, good service, lovely food presentation, the lightings got my attention also.

EAT LIKE A KING PLATTER: this platter serves 2-3 people, depending on how much food each person can consume but in my case, we be just 2 😂🤣 . Normally we were suppose to get MEAT BALL but it wasn’t available, so they gave us, chicken stripes instead.

The CHICKEN STRIPES was tasty with the pepper sauce and one other sauce that tasted like bbq sauce (I don’t know the name), lovely starter to open belle.

The ASSORTED SALAD was two plates but I had to substitute one plate for jollof rice instead, it’s not vegetable I came to eat plixx.

Spur Nigeria, Lagos

The QUARTER CHICKEN was bbq chicken dipped in bbq sauce, it wasn’t 100% but it wasn’t bad, I enjoyed it, it was tasty but it had this off burnt taste I didn’t like, of cos you would say it’s bbq and it’s supposed be burnt kinda but there’s a kind of burn that isn’t bbq burn, it was just off sha, but I sha ate it cos the sauce over shadowed the burnt taste I was getting.

The SOLE FISH was absolutely delicious , I enjoyed every bit of this one 🤤🤤, hot, crunchy top layer and the inside was tender and tasty.

The WAFFLES & ICECREAM with CHOCOLATE syrup was one of the highlight of this platter for me. Their waffle was so soft, cake like soft and then filling it with the icecream and adding the chocolate on it..

Review By: Paulkezu


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