Pinkinetics: Women Only Gym And Spa


Pinkinetics is a women only gym and spa located in Jahi. I discovered this place thanks to someone here and today I stopped by to check it out.

Again this gym is for women only so privacy is guaranteed! This caught my attention. Another thing that stood out to me was their wide range of classes from spinning, trampoline, step aerobics, tabata, kickboxing, yoga, dance and so much more! Classes hold everyday and an instructor is always on ground. The trainers are professionals and well trained too. I was informed that one-on-one classes are also available.

This gym has various membership plans that gives you access to different facilities. Members get access to the steaming room once a week, access to most of the listed classes for free and a few others at a discounted price.

Pinkinetics Women Only Gym And Spa

Pinkinetics also has a spa where you can get various types of body massage or use the steam room. There are also showers. So you can come in, get a quick morning workout, then shower and be off to work. Workout gear and fitness essentials are also sold here.

This Saturday 17th July will be their 5th year anniversary and I hear that they’ll be offering free workout classes between the hours of 8am- 11am. Do stop by to get a feel of this gym and sign up. I’ll be stopping by for a class too ?. All this chop chop is making some of us chubby ?

LOCATION: 4th Floor Capital Hub, Jahi from 8:30am – 8pm Monday-Saturday, Sunday 1pm – 6pm

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