Ofada boy, Surulere, Lagos

Ofadaboy is tucked away in a quiet street along the road leading to Leisure Mall, Surulere. I had some time on my hands after church yesterday, so i braved the traffic (sigh) to go try out their Ofada.

The restaurant is super tiny inside, and they have a cute outdoor space, but don’t go here looking for somewhere private to eat as i had to join a family at their table due to lack of space, and it was quite awkward.

The food took a while to get to me because the waiters seemed a little overwhelmed, and eventually brought me a different order. If i hadn’t checked the menu again, i would have ended up paying for what i didn’t even eat ?

It was a nice experience otherwise, the owner (i assume) walked up to me to ask if i would have preferred the sauce to be more spicy, but i was honestly indifferent. I love pepper as a true Yoruba girl, but in overwhelming quantities, it tends to detract from the true flavor of the food, so the sauce was just fine in my opinion.

My “Sexy Strawberry” mocktail was really really good and both of the waiters who attended to me were so nice and courteous in their Abeti Aja outfits lol. ~

Overall, there wasn’t really anything unique about Ofadaboy, but maybe it was because they served the same Ofada i’ve been eating all my life, and there wasn’t much of an innovation on the dishes. It’s basically a great place to go with your family for nice and affordable food. I’ll be sure to try the Opa Eyin and other traditional soups on the menu when i return though, maybe those might wow me

Review By: Damiedarling


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