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𝐕𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐂𝐚𝐟𝐞 ⁣⁣
📍⁣⁣ 𝟏𝟏 𝐀𝐝𝐳𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭, 𝗪𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝟐 𝐀𝐛𝐮𝐣𝐚.

You guys know by now I love breakfast meals 😁 This is actually one of my favourite breakfast experiences yet and I’ll be telling you guys all about it in detail. ⁣⁣

Recently, @vintagecafeabuja hosted me at their beautiful cafe and I tried out some breakfast options from their new menu.⁣⁣

The Shashuka is made with eggs baked in homemade tomato sauce, topped with feta cheese with a side of baked beans, hash brown and house pan sausage. I loved how the tomato sauce melted with the egg, it gave it this really amazing taste. This is also their best seller breakfast. If you don’t like eggs you may not like this because it is literally just eggs. Also, it is best eaten hot, you’ll enjoy it more.⁣⁣

𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐄𝐠𝐠⁣⁣
This is grilled steak served on toast topped with sunny side up eggs with hollandia sauce, a side of baked beans, hash brown and house pan sausage. The steak was so tender and well seasoned. This was quite filling and it was really hard to pick between this and the shashuka as my favorite but I think this was yummy!
There are levels to this breakfast thing and @vintagecafeabuja finished work here 🙌🏽
Fun Fact: They are 24/7 so you can visit anytime of the day and be sure to have the best service and amazing food.⁣⁣
𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞 ⁣⁣⁣
𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐮𝐤𝐚 – 𝟕,𝟎𝟎𝟎⁣⁣
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐤 & 𝐄𝐠𝐠 – 𝟕,𝟓𝟎𝟎⁣⁣

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