Tensan Nosh Abuja – Review

TENSAN NOSH (Tensannosh)

This is a snack bar located inside Zalika garden in area 2. We visited recently and had a great time.

Typical of a garden Tensannosh is very green, designed with beautiful artworks that blended perfectly. My favorite spot is the bar which doubles as their kitchen. I was particularly enthralled by the string lights and can imagine how beautiful it will look at night.

Another thing I found interesting was the menu, most of the items had their own unique twist, so you’ll likely not get some of what they have here elsewhere. We had;

1).Bread burger pan ; #1500. This was very scrumptious, (highly recommended).

2).Samosa/Spring rolls: #1000

3). Sharwama medium #1300. Quite filling and creamy

4) Pancakes, baked beans and sausage: #1500

5). Waffles and icecream: #1500

6). Tropical fruit salad: #1500. This was also very nice. I loved the presentation and portion.

7). Parfait: #1500

7). Whipped cream drink : #1000

I enjoyed every meal, though I’ll suggest they change the choice of baked beans ( it wasn’t as soft ). Prices portions and presentation are great as well.

I definitely recommend here for chills and simple brunch. Do check them out and let us know what you think.

? Zalika Garden, 2 Brass close off Plateau street, Area 2.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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