The Pasha Restaurant Review

  1. THE PASHA . New ambiance alert!?

One of our favorite Lebanese restaurant just came back with a banging ambiance and new menu.

I was at the unveiling of the new space and I must say it is indeed beautiful. The indoor of the restaurant and our favorite orange walkway remain same but the garden took on a different look. The bar is my favorite, reminds me of the Medieval Chapels, probably because of the “stained glass” look. Another part of the restaurant I found intrigueing was the shallow dining area, very beautiful.

We had;

1).Guacamole smocked salmon N 7,500: This was my favorite of the night as I’m a huge fan of Guacamole. Do not try this if you aren’t experimental with food.

2).The pasha chicken pottery N 12,000: : I loved the presentation and portion of this dish, it is also not far from our typical naira tastebud, you may need to request extra pepper and salt if you’re heavy on spices.

3)The pasha beef pottery N12,000

4).Chicken Claypot N 12,000

5).Lamb claypot N 12,000: This was another favorite of the night. Meat was really soft and the soup was really lockable.

I must confess that their drinks are top notch especially their cocktails, very TGIFish…. I also tried their shisha, mint flavor, very nice.

Altogether, Thepasha.Abuja is indeed a vibe, the ambiance is quite addictive, something about the night vibe.

I’ll definitely recommend here for group hangouts, vibes and cruise. Make sure to try their cocktails.

?Thepasha.abuja also 11 Cassandra street off Usuma street, Maitama.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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