The Six by Lovitoz: Best Private Dinning Place in Abuja

HE SIX BY LOVITOZ ( Thesix_lovitoz ).

Private dinning at its best, I was excited when l learned this restaurant moved to a bigger and better location and as usual I “wakad” there.

Walking into Thesix_lovitoz ,the first word that comes to mind is OPULENCE. Never seen container cribs designed so elegantly. The furnishings, the lights and flooring oozes elegance.

There are 3 dinning cribs, The first one can sit 6 people and below, there’s also an option of live cooking in this room which I find really cool. The second crib called the smart room sits 6 people, here you can control all the lightings/colors with one tab. This room is actually very interesting to be in, follow my stories to watch it. The last crib sits 18 people and is also very clean. The lighting here is gorgeous.

The Six is a private dinning, meaning you have the entire crib to yourself and guests at the time of dinning. The ambience is very intimate. You’ll be assigned a host to carter to all your dinning needs. By the time you’re done from here you’d feel very loved ( no jokes).

This is one of such places I recommend without fear because they definitely deliver fine dinning to the T. Great for romantic dates, birthday dinner, business lunch, etc.

Food here is so great. I’ll be talking about what we had in my next post.


P.S This isn’t a walk in restaurant, meaning no location, you’ll have to book via DM.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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