Things to do and places to visit in Enugu.

Enugu  meaning “Hill Top” is the capital of Enugu State and home to the Igbo People of Southeastern Nigeria. Enugu which is popularly know as coal city or 042 is one of the most planned state capital in Nigeria with the best road network, the city is arguably the safest and one of the neatest city in the country with a very unique landmark. Enugu is a tourist haven with a remarkable and breath taking landscape, Enugu is blessed with a lot of natural and man made tourist attractions which includes Hills, Waterfalls, Caves, Lakes, Forests, Luxury Hotels, Gardens, Malls and festivals. Indeed Enugu state provides visitors from all corners of the globe a fascinating heaven for leisure and business activities. Visit Enugu and be touched by one or more of the features of its tourist spots.
Below are list of  thing to do in Enugu and Places to visit.

1. Visit the numerous hills that surrounds Enugu.

Enugu is surrounded by Hills of different shapes and sizes, and notable amongs them are Milliken Hill. Udi Hill, Nsukka Hill, Awgu Range of Hills, Silicon Hill. Eron Hill, Onyeama Hill. ect.
Milliken Hill
Udi Hill


Nsukka Hill


Silicon Hill
Agwu Range of Hills

2. Visit the lake in the state.
Enugu is home to many lakes and tourist can take a chill at some of the lake side. popular amangs them are: Nike lake, Iheneke Lake, Ani ozala lake, Opi lake, Ogulugu lake and Ogelube lake. Others are Ngebe lake, Attakwu lake, Odoro lake and Obanukwu lake.

Nike Lake
Iheneke Lake


Opi Lake

3. Visit water falls in the state.
Enugu is blessed with four major waterfalls which are Awhum Waterfall, Ngwo Waterfall, Ezeagu Waterfall and Opi waterfall.

Related imageupload_2015-5-14_14-54-4.jpeg

Related image

Image result for iva valley coal mine enugu
5. Visit the caves in the state.

Caves are among the natural tourist attraction that Enugu is bless with and notable among them are the Ngwo cave, Awhum cave, Ezeagu cave, ohers include Odoro cave, Isu Awa cave, Inyi Chine cave,  Agana cave, Obinofia Ndiuno cave,  odor Ugwu cave, gwoo gwoo cave, Ihunekweagu cave, and Umuogubi cave.

5. Visit the forests in the state.

Two major forests in enugu include the Ngwo Pine Forest and Okpara Square Forest.

                                                                                             Ngwo Pine Forest


Okpara square Forest

6. Visit the beach in the state.
Enugu is blessed with a sand beach which has been a haven for tourists and an ideal place for picnic.

Related image

Related image

7. Attend Festivals.
If you are luck to be in enugu during any of its festival, Do well to attend the festival and be entertained.
Popular festivals in enugu include.
1. New Yam Festival.
2. Mmanwu Festival.
3. Enugu Cultural and Tourism Fiesta.
4. Life in My City Art Festival Enugu
5. Odo festival Udi
6. Aju festival (iwa akwa) Ugbo in Awgu
7. Igwa Nshi Festival Eke in Udi. etc.

8. Enjoy food and local cuisines of the state.
You have to be adventurous when it come to food in Enugu, teast as many as posible because you can not find most of those food utside Enugu but if you do, it can never be like the ones prepared in Enugu. Enugu state has the highest number of delicacis in Nigeria and below are the list of foods they are best known for:
1. Okpa. There is a saying that the reason why most people find it difficult to leave Enugu is because of okpa and Coke so make sure you enjoy okpa wawa and coke, who knows, you may end up not wanting to leave the city again.
2. Abacha.
3. Nkwobi
4. Isi Ewu
5. Agbugbu na Ji. 
6. akidi.
7. Ji Ahulu Ahu (Roasted Yam)
8. Ugba
9. Ukwa
10. Asaja
11. Ofe oha.
12. Ofe nsala.
13. Ofe onugbo.
14. Ofe achala
15. Ofe akwu etc.
and the best palm wine can only be gotten in Enugu.


Other activity you can not afford to miss is the Saturday workout exercise and jogging at okpara square. (Keep-fit coal city)

Skaters, Michael Opara Square, Enugu

Skaters, Michael Opara Square, Enugu
Joggers, Michael Opara Square, Enugu
Other places you can visit include.
1. National museum of unity Enugu.
2. Iva valley mine
3. Okpara mine 
4. Onyeama mine.

Places to shop (market)
1. Ogbete main market 
2. Aria (New) market 
3. Artisan market
4. Mayor market
5. Kenyatta market
6. Gariki market
7. New Haven market etc.

Mall/Super market
1. Polo park mall.
2. Roban stores
3. Esternshop
4. Ancestors
5. Elim shipping plaza

Image result for roban store enugu
Parks for relaxation
1. Polo Park Mall
2. New Barries park
3. Oakland Park
4. Ngwo Park 

Image result for oakland park enugu

Images of Enugu.




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  • Anonymous

    Beautiful city. beautifu people. missing coal city.

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    Wow, coal city. So lovely.

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  • Wow! So neat. Thank you for all of the information and pictures. I had no idea what Nigeria really looks like or what the lifestyle is like because usually, all that we see about Africa here in the USA are pictures of the Serengeti and Capetown, etc. It is really nice to get a broader perspective. Very cool!


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