Master Snooker Lounge

MASTER SNOOKER LOUNGE (@master_snooker_lounge )

This is the first time I’ll hear of a snooker lounge in Abuja. @master_snooker_lounge is a nice lounge for playing snookers only. The lounge is beautifully lit and has several snooker boards. It was interesting to see that the billiard attendants are all females, soft spoken and pleasant.

I was thought some ‘kila’ skills so now l can proudly say I’m a MASTER of snooker games ?. I can beat even the most professional, check slide 9.

The snooker lounge also has a bar that serves drinks and Kitchen that serves our local food.

I had a long island and a pot of Nkwobi. The Nkwobi was so delicious, a must order.


To play here attracts a fee of #1000 for as long as you want to play.

@master_snooker_lounge is definitely a place to chill and play snooker,. It would also be interesting to plan a snooker date where couples can challenge themselves. We don’t do much of that in Nigeria.

They are opened from 3pm till late. Do visit and let me know your experience. Do not forget to tag friends who needs to see this.

? Eden Garden, Utako.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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