Village chief, Abuja

Village Chief
?Matambella Garden Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria (the street opposite Rockview Hotel)
Some days ago Folabulous and I were driving round town looking for where to eat and we decided to try out Vllagechief_abj
Tried out the Native Rice, Peppered Goat Meat and Plantain. I loved loved it. It wasn’t so ‘nativey’ and that was the main reason I actually liked it. The plantain was a LOT so much we had to share it and it was fried very nicely.

The goat meat seemed a little too pricey for me. About 8 pieces were sold for 2,000 and it wasn’t even big in size. I feel they should adjust their menu and have options for people that would want to buy smaller portions of beef or goat meat. But in general their food is actually very affordable.

If you love palm wine Villagechief_abj got you, I’m not a fan of palm wine but Folabulous enjoyed it so I trust her judgement
It is great if you enjoy the outdoor dine-in vibe. It also has an indoor vibe but it’s more fun to sit outside. Nice space.

Native Rice – 950
Plantain – 600
Peppered Goat Meat – 2,000
Palm wine -500

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