Suya and Co Abuja

Suya & Co Abuja ⁣
? Dunes Center, 44,Aguiyi ironsi, Maitama Abuja, Nigeria⁣

I’ve known about Suyaandco for some time now but didn’t visit until recently. ⁣

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I ordered Suya Mix platter which had chicken, beef, fish, grilled chicken wings served with coleslaw and chips ⁣
I wouldn’t say I totally enjoyed the Suya here, I don’t think the meats were well marinated before grilling and it was also too dry for me. I enjoyed the beef Suya more and the chips were also really nice. ⁣

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The waiter was very friendly and welcoming, he took his time to explain the menu and help me make a choice because I was so indecisive. ⁣

The menu was quite boring to me, it didn’t have a lot of meal and drink options. Yes I know it’s call ‘Suya co’ but I believe the menu can still have varieties even if it’s for the drinks. For example, I wanted Chapman and they said they don’t sell Chapman, that’s like the most basic drink you can have in any restaurant. ⁣

For a space like this and it’s location, I wasn’t expecting the kind of menu I saw. I feel the menu can look a lot nicer. It was just a laminated paper menu. I want to believe it temporary because it didn’t look presentable.

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