Scotch Bonnet Restaurant, Lagos

People of God, what are you grabbing first from this high table?

We were invited recently to taste Scotchbonnetrestaurants menu, their menu offers a variety of local and continental dishes. They also have a Sunday buffet weekly where you get to eat as much as you want for N9,500 while sipping on some champagne ?

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant, Lagos

During our visit, we had:
-General Tso Chicken | N4,500
-Native Rice | N4,500
-Special Chinese Fried rice | N4,500
-Mashed potatoes and Lamb | N8,000
-Seafood Okra and pounded yam | N4,500
-Snails and prawns sauce
-Beef gravy
-Meaty noodles | N4,500

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant, Lagos

My highlights were the General Tso chicken, special fried rice and lamb gravy- these were delicious and stood out to my taste buds ?. The chicken had this sweet and Chilli taste and I totally loved it. I’m usually not a lamb gravy and potatoes fan but I liked how it melted in my mouth and wasn’t overly seasoned. The potatoes on the other hand was ok.
I’ll definitely recommend stopping by and trying out General Tso chicken! They also have karaoke and you can book some spaces if you want to organise an event.

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant, Lagos

Overall the food was good, the space works for casual dates, meeting or even a simple hangout to eat and drink. Prices are moderate too.

Have you been here, How was your experience?

?: Scotch Bonnet Restaurant, Plot 1713B Chartered Bank Cl, Victoria Island 101001, Lagos

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant, Lagos

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