343 Degrees North, Victoria Island Lagos

343 degrees north is a new Asian restaurant located in victoria island lagos. The entrance is quite appealing but doesn’t match when you go inside.

They have great customer service, every staff is very friendly, the supervisor/manager (don’t know which) even offered to take my pictures ?. My waitress helped buckled my heels when I was trying to. Their food presentation is nice and picture-worthy, it’s art ??.

343 Degrees North, Victoria Island Lagos

That is all that is great about 343 Degrees North, in my experience.

Where do I even start from: is it the fact there is a loud rooftop lounge/club above the restaurant that reminds you of those annoying upstairs neighbors, please I just came here to eat and relax not to go home with a headache.

Then the meals are overpriced compared to the portions and taste, the fact that an Asian restaurant will sell my country’s food 6 times the price a regular restaurant would still amaze me.

It’s like going to China to open a Chinese restaurant and start selling Chinese meals triple the price of what the locals are selling them, absurd yeah??

343 Degrees North, Victoria Island Lagos

This is NIGERIA, people want their money’s worth, or at least, the portions should reflect it.

This is where I have spent the most, yet the first time I didn’t have any portion of food left for take out?.

As you can tell I didn’t enjoy my visit ?

The ambiance is nice but, it doesn’t speak to me?, I love a place with natural lights or very well lit at least.
Thank God for the camera quality because the lighting wasn’t helping my pictures at all.

343 Degrees North, Victoria Island Lagos

Their menu system is well advanced yet they missed an opportunity to show their food presentation, so people can see how beautiful they look, which will equate to more sales and social media presence.

I will recommend prawns in a champagne glass and a sizzling brownie (my favorite)

Budget: 25k for 1 person, 40k for two.


written By: Faithreviews


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