Slow Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos.

Slow Restaurant is located on Victoria Island Lagos. The ambiance gives this modern piece caved out in the tropical vibe, lots of natural lights with a deconstructed looking yet fully functional roofing system. If you like a room full of plants, this is your go-to.

Great spot for impressive first dates, couples, and maybe hang out with a foreign friend/ potential business partners you would like to impress?.

Slow Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos.

It an exotic restaurant coupled with every addition the word implies most especially pricing. You don’t go to Slow with a humble budget; a restaurant I won’t recommend if you are not comfortable financially.

The menu is not regular, you know when you get tired of the regular Nigerian restaurant’s menu, all forms of rice, noodles, chicken, and some Chinese pieces.
Slow gives you a much different taste, maybe new proteins to try out from Lamb to Duck and all sort?, that’s if you’re not already used to such meals.

Slow Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos.

I will also advise they include pictures in their menu or incorporate them into a virtual scan menu (which I noticed they didn’t have ??).
I had to ask my waiter to recommend for me, imagine seeing different meals name like Duck Confit, Lamp chops, Ribeye, House, Seabream, amongst others and you don’t know how they look? Thank God I went with my waiter recommendation because I saw what they served other guests and I know I won’t have liked any of those?.

The food presentation is excellent as well as the taste, best starter I have had in a long time, Rock shrimp Taco (I recommend ?). The best virgin mojito I have tasted in Lagos for sure. The main course was well made the proteins were tender and filling, they have their menu to the T ??.

Slow Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos.

For their Customer service, sincerely I wasn’t impressed, mainly because I was made uncomfortable all through my stay. The waiters were all staring at me, which made me very uncomfortable.

I visited when it wasn’t a peak period so you can imagine how they all stood there probably observing and waiting in for guests, which led to idleness that led to staring at seated guests.

I get they might be checking to see if I’m enjoying the meal or in case I need their attention but it was just too much for my liking, at least look elsewhere now?.

Also, I can’t count the number of times the staff came disturbing my peace, to ask if I’m enjoying my meal or to tell me to please drop my phone and eat because my food will get cold (I find that very rude because whatever I do with my time while eating is none of your business).

Slow Restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos.

Especially my waiter, his agility wasn’t from here, please give me breathing space abeg.

My take-home from slow is, Don’t limit GOD so me sef fit wine and dine where A-list celebrities dey chop? but omo! Money dey Lagos! You needed to see how people were trooping in with exclusive luxury cars and placing orders like they were ordering from a buka?.


For a 3 course meal:
Budget: 35k for 1 person, 60k for 2 people

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