Ile Eros Restaurant Review

Very few times have I been to a restaurant, ordered a lot of stuff and then checked the bill and wondered “Hmm, how does this not cost more”, well except visits to Indian restaurants largely…but Ile.eros did give me that feeling.

Ile Eros Restaurant Review

First slide- the dambunama rolls. I’ve only ever had dambunama once before and it looked way different from what I expected ☠ (should get a picture of that and do a side by side). Made up of shredded beef, carrots (lots?) and pepper jam, wasn’t bad at all. Great starter

Ile Eros Restaurant Review

Second slide- The Puff Puff party with chicken and beef. Mixed on this one but i mean who doesn’t love Puff Puff with chicken and beef yuno ??‍♂️

Third slide- Ayamashe with assorted meat (does anyone know this is also called our Nigerian designer rice?)

Ile Eros Restaurant Review

Fourth Slide- Jollof Adagun
All in all, decent place with fair pricing.

Verdict- Worth a visit✅

Ile Eros Restaurant Review

Dambunama Rolls- 3,000
Puff Puff Party with Chicken and Beef- 2,800
Ayamashe with Assorted- 7,000
Jollof Adagun- 7,000

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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