Review of the Waffle Stop Abuja

As the brands name implies, this restaurant offers waffles with a good variety of toppings (both savory and sweet). One can also get pancakes here too. And I love that they added a full breakfast option and more savory additions such as chicken and sausages following their reopening/relaunch last year. Checkout their page to view their full Menu ⁣

Review of the Waffle Stop Abuja

I’ve had both the waffles and pancakes and have no complaints whatsoever, it’s good! Though I do believe that I prefer the pancakes ??‍♀️but this might just be my personal preference.⁣

I have nothing bad to say about the service. Although orders can be a little bit faster⁣

Great value for the food options truly. I also love that there are affordable meal options as low as N1,500.⁣

Very cozy, bright and comfortable. It’s a great place for catching up with friends or even a family outing. There is both an indoor and outdoor seating area. ⁣

45 Gana Street, Maitama Abuja ⁣

Review of the Waffle Stop Abuja

Would I recommend? Definitely! If you’re looking for a nice environment to have breakfast or sweet treats like pancakes and waffles then @wafflestopabuja is your spot. ⁣

Ever been to the Waffle Stop? What was your overall experience like? Do you have any favorite menu options? ⁣

Source: Abuja Lifestyle


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