A Hike Through Idaw River To Ikirike Hilltop

Few weeks ago, i published a post about a picnic i attended at Ezeagu tourist complex. After the picnic i continued my Enugu tour and and Solo Hike.  This particular post is about my hiking adventure through Idaw river to Ikirike Hill. I have previously published a post on my first and second solo hike as well as my trip to Ezeagu. You can read all about them below.

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Back to the topic. After my successful outing at Ezeagu, I continued my solo hiking adventure, this time around it took me through Idaw River up to Ikirike Hill also Known as Idaw River Hills, prior to that i have never visited Idaw River but it has always been on my Mind. As the most visited hill in Enugu as of 2018, it’s time for me to do so myself.

On getting to Idaw river, I first took a walk around the neighbourhood to see what the area is like, As i walked around, i noticed  this quietness, everyone minded their owned business. Unlike the previous places i have visited, no one asked me anything or looked at me twice. Well, I guessed maybe they are already used to seeing strangers. Instead of my usual proper tour of the neighbourhood to determine how friendly the people are i headed straight to the hill. The environment was as charming as it was majestic. Climbing the hill was a little tasking and difficult because of the rocks but at the end, I did it. it was truly something else.


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I thought one can only see the city of Enugu from the Milliken Hill but the truth is that you can only see some part of Enugu especially the northern side[Enugu North] But from Ikirike Hill, one can see the North, South and far East. Ikirike seemed for central, more chilly and more peaceful. I was beginning to see why Ikirike was the most Visited hill in Enugu even though Milliken hill still remains the most popular. As i walked towards the hilltop, I adored everything i was around. I didn’t mind that i was alone as my soul was so much at peace. As i walked up the hilltop, I notices two footpart but didnt know which one to follow or were they will take me to but it must surely be to the hilltop. For a while i wondered which to follow but at the end i chose the left. I chose the left because i wanted to know if i will experience a little fear as the part is close to a cliff but aside that it has a more clear view if Idaw River neighbourhood.

As i got closer to the hilltop i noticed a tent on the East side of the hill, I didn’t know who made the tent but it must be regular campers as the tend was a little old. on approaching the area, i saw a lady reading her bible so i followed another root because she seemed to be in the spirit and i didnt want to disturb her.

As i explored and took some shots i noticed i haven’t actually gotten to the top, will i made my final journey to the hilltop i decided to video the area. On getting to the top, A different kind of feeling swooped in, it felt as if i was close to heaven. It seems funny right? But that was how i felt. At the center of the hill was a large flat rock where people carved their names, it was like a tradition so i did the same.

Among my previous hike, this was the most amazing, i didn’t feel like leaving again it’s not a home. After the name carving, i took a walk around the hill before i retired to one of the tree on the hill to take a rest.

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I spent spent close to 1 hour on the tree enjoying fresh air before i decided it was time to leave but couldn’t imagine myself leaving that beautiful scenery. Well, I had to eventuary say bye to Ikirike Hill but there is always another time.

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29 thoughts on “A Hike Through Idaw River To Ikirike Hilltop

  • Nice read. I smiled when you said you left the lady reading her Bible because she seemed in the Spirit. Typical Naija human being.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    It seems like you have found some exciting hiking trails. I haven’t done this in the longest time due to health issues. Thanks for sharing your photos. Please continue to share your experiences.

  • This must be an surreal experience. Great nature photos. I would love to visit such green lush areas and hiking is plus fun.

  • traveling is my hobby i love it.. when tree is around you get fresh air

  • This looks like an incredible hike! Nigeria is beautiful. I like that you chose the footpath that was close to the cliff!

  • That looks like it was a worthwhile hike to be taking! I’d love to check out that region one day! Thanks for the post!

  • The Hike looks absolutely amazing! I love it! It makes me feel I miss a lot this summer when it goes to hike. but you just can not have it all. I’ll enjoy your fantastic photos

  • Incredible looking hike/ adventure! It looks like you had an amazing time. I’ve always been hesitant about traveling alone, especially hiking, but after reading this it may be something I should try. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • So cool to see your perspective of a countryside that I have never seen. It’s very eye-opening. I have gone on solo hikes – and I love being so alone in nature and my thoughts just as much as I love hiking with a friend. Different, but both are wonderful ways to explore nature and be happier!

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