Cactus Restaurant Lagos

Cactuslagos remains one of our faves and for good reason. As their “home away from home” slogan goes, it really provides that warm feeling. Have always loved their kids menu option and the bouncing castle (when there) although yes I still do not like kids in restaurants?

Cactus Restaurant Lagos

First slide is the center cut filet mignon. Second slide is the calzone Bolognaise. The calzone can be a bit of a struggle if you’re not used to…well calzones so if you don’t want to have to hack away and use a fork and knife to eat pizza, just get the regular one but if you do want to try a new experience, why not ?

Verdict: Worth a visit ✅

Cactus Restaurant Lagos

Damage ???
Calzone Bolognaise- 6,525 (yes this weird number makes me very upset too)
Center cut filet mignon- 13,500

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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