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What is your definition of a fancy meal???⁣


Whenever I have a meal from @_legacykitchen , I always feel like I’m eating healthier even when I’m eating normal meals.⁣

I really don’t know why they don’t communicate this openly but they⁣

1. Make only use skinless chicken which is lean and healthier⁣
2. They choose the healthiest oils and so their meals taste very fancy and refined.⁣⁣

I got two meals actually but I gave one to my boss ⁣
1: Yapan – Japanese Chicken Served with Signature Rice & 2 sauces(in the video)⁣
2: The 3 Ps- Penne Prawn Penne with chicken.⁣

I loved the white sauce in the video a lot for the Signature rice.⁣

The white sauce in the smaller container complimented the dish so well and was a great dipping for the chicken but it was so small and I needed more…..

The chicken was very tender (I should learn to start shredding chicken on camera so y’all can see how tender this chicken was)⁣

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 8,000 -15,000⁣⁣
CUISINE : Fusion⁣⁣
BEST FOR : Picnics/Home/Work meals
ADDRESS?: ⁣7, Bose Enemenoh, Ikoyi, Lagos⁣⁣
PARKING ?:⁣ ? Pick up/Delivery⁣

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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