Vintage Cafe, Abuja


Vintagecafeabuja is cafe that is open 24 hours, has free WiFi and serves the fluffiest pancakes! This cafe is very aesthetically pleasing, spacious and serene which makes it a great place to chill or get some work done.

I stopped by recently and didn’t want to leave! I loved the abundance of natural light in the space and the smell of fresh coffee permeating the atmosphere. The colorful chairs and the vintage feel of the wooden furniture and picture frames were really nice touches to the space too.

I know you’re wondering “what about the food and price?“ . I’ll be sharing more details in the next post but I had the fluffiest and sweetest pancakes here, wait till you see it! I also tried two of their natural tea flavors and wow. By the way, Vintagecafeabuja has over 53 types of organic coffee beans and 26 organic teas

Vintage Cafe, Abuja

Let’s look at a more detailed review of the food Vintagecafeabuja. But first off here’s some info about this cafe.

– The cafe is open 24 hours, where are all my night crawlers ?
– It has WiFi
– The cafe serves over 53 types of organic coffee beans and 26 organic teas!

We had the
Double Chocolate Pancakes N4,200
Shrimp Po-Boy N6,000
White Rasberry Champagne tea (hot) N2,000
Peach Cocktail tea (cold) N2,000

The pancakes were amazing! It was fluffy, light and filled with white chocolate chips which made it so sweet. For all my sweet tooth’s you’d love this. The tartness of the strawberries were a nice addition and contrast to the sweet taste of the chocolate chips. I wasn’t a huge fan of the shrimp po-boy, while the shrimp was nice, it felt like something was missing for me. I did enjoy the fries and coleslaw that came with it.

As for the teas, both were amazing! The peach Cocktail was definitely a favorite. It was fresh, had a slight tarty taste and wasn’t too sweet either. I loved the portions, it was enough to go around for the meals.

Vintagecafeabuja has a good range of food options, this especially for a cafe. Swipe for the menu in the last slide. The prices are not inexpensive but based especially on the pancakes and teas we had, it’s worth it.

The attendants were pleasant and the wait time for food was good.

This cafe is quite spacious, it has indoor and outdoor seating and even a conference room. It’s such a pretty space! They really did nail the vintage decor.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to work or chill this week, you already know where to go.

Location at Bricks Point Apartments, 11 Adzope Crescent Wuse 2

Do let me know about your experience when you visit.

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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