A Trip To The Majestic Awhum Cave And Waterfall Enugu

Few days back i traveled to Awhum to have a glimpse of its cave and waterfall. Awhum cave and waterfall is one of the most talked about and most popular waterfall in Nigeria but despite being in my state of origin i have never behold that amazing natures gift to man.

In the valley of Udi and Nsukka Hills ”Awhum Town”

Prior to the day i left for Awhum, i gave two of my cousins a call to know if they will be jointing me but only one of them was chanced to make the trip. on the day we were supposed to leave he called me around 6am to inform me that he will be 2 hours late but i waited for him till around 12:45 but didn’t see him even though he told me he was on his way when we spoke around 10am. A first i wanted to go without him but i couldn’t because for months he has been pleading with me to be taking him along in my tours and secondly, i didn’t want to go alone.  when i couldn’t wait for him any longer i left but as i was approaching the gate i saw him rushing like someone who the river has carried his coco-yams, you know i passed him thinking that he also passed me in pretense like i did but he didn’t  even see me until i called him back. Well, after exchanging pleasantries he apologised for keeping me waiting and told me he went to make some supplies for his mom and was delayed there.

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We headed out immediately and made our way to Enugu-Onitsha road by new market where we boarded a vehicle going to Awhum, on getting to Awhum junction we took a bike that brought us to the monastery. At the monastery the security man asked us to go and obtain a card which we did,  The card was actually free so i didn’t know why the card was given to us because i thought the reason was o make little money from it but it wasn’t. After we presented the card to the security man, he said we should wait for a security guy that will accompany us but he was actually going with us because of the lady who was lodging at the monastery.

From the monastery to the Waterfall was close to an hour, As we made our way down the valley, we met not less that fifteen people who were coming back from the waterfall looking so exhausted while most of them were with working sticks. The environment was charming and the hilly terrain was beautiful, there are lots of different bird species within the area, so many of them that i have never even seen before.

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Finally we made our way to the cave entrance but before then we had to remove our shoes because the rest of the journey was on waterway. Oh! i don’t think i have behold something as majestic as that. From the entrance of the cave, you will be hearing the sound of the fall which is still far in.

The waterfall is about 4 meters plus high, falling from the rock, it creates a part way for the waters. When we finally made our way to the waterfall, i was awed, so i thought to myself, how is this possible? This is like the most astonishing thing i have ever seen. Oh my! The waterfall was majestic, magical and gratifying. While we immersed ourselves in the Awhum charm we didn’t feel like going again.

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I could look at that waterfall for ages without getting bored but the son of man must take his leave at some point so we rounded up and head out.

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Going up didn’t seem as long as it seemed while we were heading down,  but it was more challenging, but at the end we made it out at about 6:25pm and got home around 9pm.

23 thoughts on “A Trip To The Majestic Awhum Cave And Waterfall Enugu

  • Komal

    I have heard so many great things about Nigeria, including how beautiful it is. That waterfall is insane!

  • Wow! That unique view of the waterfall from the cave is incredible. No wonder it’s such a popular place to visit in Nigeria. And how cool to also see the landscape and trail from your hike to the waterfall!

  • Wow, love the pictures of the waterfall inside the cave. Definitely a gem and worth the hike.

  • Lynn de Dios

    Amazing! No wonder it is one of the most talked about and most popular cave and waterfall in Nigeria.

  • This looks like an amazing place to visit. I have never heard of it before but it looks like something the kids and I would enjoy

  • Khushboo

    Wow I live that water fall. I would love to visit here sometime. Thats a beautiful place.

  • Melanie williams

    I am loving all your piccys for sure. Love the look of this as a day out – fab idea x

  • This was an interesting read. Good thing you were able to still go on your adventure even though you went late. I can relate with your cousin. Nigerian mums know how to send one errands when they are aware that they’ve made plans. Nice waterfall by the way.

  • That is one of the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen. So mysterious and beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  • This is yet another great reason for people to visit Nigeria. It is so many hidden gems there. Waterfalls are tops to see.

  • Beautiful images. I especially love the waterfall! It all looks so magical.
    Nigeria has never crossed my mind to visit, but I’m seriously reconsidering that!

  • It’s pretty amazing to find a waterfalls inside the cave. Such a wonderful adventure and glad you have a magical experience.

  • That looks like a lot of fun! Gorgeous views! I’ve enver been to Nigeria, never really thought much about what they have to offer. But loving what you shared.

  • This is SO cool! I love that you had to walk in a waterway to get to the waterfall. I would love to do something like this. It’s also neat that there were so many different types of birds!

  • Ruth I

    This place looks great! It looks a little difficult to go in there though but it’s worth it.

  • Sophia

    This looks so pretty. I think waterfalls are so magical.

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