The Movement 4: A Day Of Fun At The Akwuke Sand Beach

An Extraordinary experience, beyond my expectation

When one hear about beach, the first place his mind goes is the shore of an ocean, lagoon or a large river, but akwuke beach isn’t like your contemporary beach, Enugu isn’t a coastal state but that doesn’t mean we cant have fun just like people who live in a coastal states, happiness is free so we have to do well with what nature has given to us. just like the phrase, when life gives you lemon you have to make lemonade. That’s the same way nature has given us  a stretch of sand by the water side and we are gradually turning into a haven for fun.

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In line with our monthly exercise termed the movement which is centered on discovering, and promoting local tourist attractions with activities such tour, visiting and exploring of tourist attractions, picnic. Hiking etc, this 4th edition isn’t like what we use to do, because unlike visiting and exploring a tourist site or hiking we decided to have an outdoor party at the Akwuke sand beach with some games to engage the members with.

After our last movement activity that took place at Awlaw, The Movement three, i wanted to go back to Abuja but the Akwuke Sand Beach Party was announced imitatively so i decided to stay back, for a month and two weeks, I have looked forward to the event but two days to the event i got sick, it was serious that i started contemplating on not attending the event again. I suspended all my actives for the month because of this event and missing it was going to make me very sad but luckily for me, i got a little better on the day of the event, instead of waiting for the others i decided to leave early, i just wanted to engage myself in something just to distract myself from how i was feeling and if i had decided to wait for others i might end up not going again. Even if i dont participate in anything being there and watching how thing were going will at least make me feel somehow better.

Just immediately after the monthly sanitation exercise, i left for the venue with the hope that i might meet the organizers of the event and help out in any way i can but on getting there, i don’t see anybody at the venue but not long after, they started arriving with some of the sponsors of the event.

Having lost an hours because of the sanitation exercise, we quickly set up the obstacle for the race and other thing before the rest of the team arrived, shortly after we finished setting thing up, the bus conveying the team arrived and as usual, everybody was in high spirit..

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There were lot of things to engage oneself with, there was a volleyball section, a horse, there was music, scrabble, Ncho and Ludo game. but aside all those, there were other games to spice up the event with, like the egg race, the drag game,  sack race and the treasure hunt.

While everybody was settling down, taking a walk around and getting to know each other for first times, the Dj set up his equipment and the music ignited the spirit of every one.. Those who can dance went to dance while other continues what they where doing, after a while the Paul, the Mc called everyone together to come and take part in the games, while those who where in interested in the game went, people like me where by the side cheering the participants up and being entertained, after the drag game which was just for fun, the main game for the compaction commenced immediately.

The game.

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The game to determined who goes home with the Airtle mifi and 40gb data was designed in two ways, First was the egg race, which will determine those that will be selected for the ultimate hunt. While the egg race was played separately by the ladies and the guys, five persons each was selected from both sides. After the egg race, the 10 winners all proceeded to the water side for the ultimate game.

The Ultimate game is a series of game which will propel the Ultimate men and women for the search for the hidden treasure. The first was the swim, followed by the sack race, the puzzle game and the drinking game after which those that made to that stage will proceed to the search site to look for the hidden treasure which was buried under one of the stone in the water.

The swim was designed in a why that the participants will pass through some rope while avoiding to pull it down, Among the 10 people who qualified for the game, 7 made it to the next sage which was the sack race, the participants all wore a sack and ran to the foot of the sand slope where they removed it and ran through the top and made their way to the next stage for there puzzle game, once each of them complete any of the puzzle they race down to the next stop where they were allowed to boost their energy with a drink, until they finish their drink they are not supposed to head to the search site. After each of them have taken the drink, they ran to the search site to look for the hidden treasure. After few minutes of search, Mr Ogene Jude popularly known as Town Crier found the treasure which was hidden under one of the stones in the water.

Sincerely i was surprised when he found the treasure because he was the last to make it to the search site but i suppose it’s not always about the race. The kind of excitement the followed after he found the treasure gave more meaning and and life to the whole game, He seemed more excited then the people who won the grand price in a real reality hunt, it’s not that the price isn’t worth that kind of excitement but i couldn’t have given it such energy and life like Mr ogene if i had taken part in the game and i doubt if others who even took part could have done the same but who knows.

After he was presented with his price, the rest of the group continue with the other activities that added life to the whole event, like the volleyball, horse ride, dance, playing of Ncho and ruddo.

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I was thinking that maybe people might get tired and bored but until the party came to an end around 5pm, everybody was still in high spirit, some even asked that we stay till 6:00 to 6:30pm but whatever has a beginning must have an end.. because of how fun and organised the event was, people were requesting that the outdoor party be made a monthly activity outside the movement, but let see how things goes, the planing wasn’t easy so we have to recover from this and also find a way to improve on it it it’s going to continue…

With the Movement team.. The Fun Never Ends.


How it All went down.. Video summary

34 thoughts on “The Movement 4: A Day Of Fun At The Akwuke Sand Beach

  • Sounds like it was a really fun day! I love how you say “happiness is free so we have to do well with what nature has given to us” – this is a great outlook!

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    That sure looked like a fun day with friends. Lots of friendly competition with the games. Beautiful scenery too! Loving all those wonderful smiles in the photos!

  • This does look like a blast! I love being near the water. These photos make me wish I were at the beach.

  • I’ve always wanted to go horseback riding on the beach. It looks like so much fun.

  • Oh this looks like so much fun and everyone looks so happy. Thanks for sharing such a cool experience with us!

    • This looks like a fun place to be and the whole experience sounds amazing.


    Who doesn’t love a beach even if it isn’t the classic type we are used to. I wouldn’t have managed the sack race. I’m sure I would end up face down in the sand lol.

  • Amanda

    This beach looks like a great place. I’ve always wanted to ride a horse on a beach.

  • I have never heard of Akwuke before. It looks and sounds like you all had a really great time!

  • Jen Walker

    I’m very much a beach of sand and ocean kind of a girl- I need my waves! That said, I would love to experience this for the volleyball and riding horses!

  • Echo

    What a wonderful place to visit! I have always wanted to ride a horse on the beach!

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  • Sounds like an incredible time and the photos are beautiful. I’ve always wanted to ride horses.

  • What a fun day! There was a lot of diverse and fun activities you could do on the beach!

  • What an active day! Looks like it was a beautiful day and a ton of fun for everyone.

  • Wow I really to visit this ? the place look so amazing


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