Art Tech District -Discovery Museum

Art Tech District -Discovery Museum
? 7 Hombori Crescent , Wuse 2

There are so many things to do at Art Tech District. You can literally spend the whole day there with all the activities they have.


There’s the escape room (Escaperoomabuja) I need to actually get over my fear and go and experience this because I heard it’s awesome. There’s Lagosbistro (check previous posts), there’s Amazonia_abuja , the rain forest restaurant coming soon (check previous post), there’s Playboxabuja for the virtual gamers, Discoverykidsabuja for the kids to come and play their lives away, a Cinema (@spotcinemabuja) and last but not least, our main focus, the Museum!

Discoverymuseum.ng is Nigeria’s first digital museum. They use amazing technology to tell and showcase our history in a mind blowing way. I still think about my experience and still go “wow”.

These slides you see are the only ones you’re allowed to see so as not to ruin the “wow” moment for you. Just a tip of the iceberg. We experienced virtual reality(takes you on a emotional ride to different times in history and makes you feel you are right there), their digital art gallery, our brilliant Nigerian authors, real artifacts, detailed history shown using different platforms including watching in a cinema, the music room that shows how our music has evolved from the 70s!

There’s so much more but I’d love for you to experience it yourself. It’s worth every penny! The museum opens from 11am to 8pm. I really recommend it for those that also want to refresh their memory on our Nigerian history or learn about it in an awesome way.

Price of tour:N6000

We need more places like this in Nigeria. I have to give props to Arttechdistrict , they’re doing amazingly well.

Review By: Hotperidot


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