Affordable Restaurants In Lagos

Restaurants Where 5k is More Than Enough (per head, not chéré wéré AKA fast foods).

The trick with having a 5k budget is that many people would rather go to a fast food. In Nigeria, most fast foods are only fast as the foods are readily available , they are not very affordable. They just give you the opportunity to build your meal and when you are done building, the bill is enough for you to actually sit in a serene ambience and get served.If you still want the restaurant experience and eat properly with a 5k budget, here are places you can go.

1. Scotchbonnetrestaurants : in VI you won’t think that 5k will be enough for you to eat like a king but I present to you scotch bonnet where most meals are 2-3k. Budget: 3,000

2. Officialspurnigeria : don’t go alone else you put yourself at risk of washing plate. This is a family restaurant and the 22k platter allows 6 persons spend N3,666 precisely to eat a very large meal. Budget: 3,666

3. Highgardensmokehouse : if you are part of the #420 culture and you are one who likes a bush bar setting, with catfish, bole and fish a

nd palm wine, hidden in Ikota Villa estate is this gem that even a non smoker like myself loves. Their Instagram might not do them any justice but I’m the advocate. Budget: 2,000

4. Madeincalabarltd : if you love Nigerian dishes, especially calabar dishes. This spot is a beautiful, coded restaurant hidden in Lekki 1 and they serve very generous portions. Budget: 3,000

5. Ranglapunjabng : if you love Indian food or you are cushions. You can dine in and spend 3-5k on a very wholesome food. Budget: 5,000

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