Kapadoccia Restaurant Abuja


Kapadoccia Restaurant Abuja


A lot has changed since the last time I visited Kapadoccia_abuja. There’s a new menu, a new upstairs seating area and you no longer have to make reservations before visiting!

As we know, the restaurant was inspired by the Cave City of Capadoccia, in Istanbul,Turkey. And with this new menu, we see an incorporation of Turkish dishes. I was hosted to lunch here recently and here’s how it went.

Kapadoccia Restaurant Abuja

Lahmacun N5,500
Iskender Kebap (Rice Pilaf) N8,500
Blueberry Majito N3,500
Pinky Lemonade N3,200
Complimentary Bread and Turkish Tea

We started off with the complimentary bread which had tuna and tomatoe, this was tasty! The tangy flavor of the tomotoe was the perfect contrast to the strong fish taste of the tuna. We then had the Lahmacun, it had minced lamb and greek yogurt. This was so good, we wanted more! The yogurt especially brought this extra tastiness to the dish, a side of yoghurt would bang with this.

The Iskender Kebap came with a side of Pilaf rice. The rice had raisins and cashews which gave the dish this sweetness that paired so nicely with the lamb. Now I usually don’t like raisin but the contrast was amazing! The lamb was also flavorful and tender, I would have loved more pepper. Drinks were good, I preferred the Pinky Lemonade though.

Kapadoccia Restaurant Abuja

We then finished off with lovey complimentary Turkish tea, this was served in jar-like glasses. Every dish was really a hit!

The service was very good, attendants were polite and attentive. From the gate you’d spot hefty looking men dressed in black suits, they seem a little intimidating ? but they were actually quite helpful in assisting one to park etc.

The new upstairs seating area is amazing! Love the bar especially and the screens. It’s more spacious which is great for groups. There’s also a private area with a heart-shaped entrance, perfect for lovers. I hear that a third floor is in the works.

Kapaddocia is definitely an experience you should have. Kudos to the DJ btw, loved the jams. On several occasions, I caught myself bopping to the beat ?

LOCATION: 2 Kinda Street, Wuse 2 from 11am Daily

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