Cafemesi, Lekki Lagos

Cafemesi is located at Lekki Phase 1, my visit here was very impromptu and one that I regret.

I was in the area and was very famished, so I decided to Google restaurants closest to me and it popped up also it seem to be a new restaurant.

Cafemesi, Lekki Lagos

The Holy Spirit had told me I would regret it but I get coconut head, I should have listened ?.

I still entered and saw they were doing maintenance, at this point, I should have just turned back?.

The ambiance looks great, ideal for brunch, breakfast with friends, I won’t advise for parties because the meals are unnecessarily expensive, especially for a cafeteria, it’s not a fancy restaurant so why all these prices (even if it was fancy sef).

Cafemesi, Lekki Lagos

It’s annoying how restaurants misuse the words “cafe” “bistro” “cafeteria” and the like, that’s a story for another day in this Lagos.

Them Kuku no tie my hands to order just that I didn’t want to fall my hands as I have already stressed them;
I had complained about the long couch as it wasn’t comfortable for eating more for lounging.
Also, the cup I was served wasn’t clean, it was obvious they didn’t wipe clean with cloth the last time they rinsed it as dust and watermarks were on it.

They gave complimentary snacks (always a plus for me); groundnut to munch on while you wait for your order. There was no delay as the processing time was short.

Cafemesi, Lekki Lagos

I ordered ofada rice, just for me to see basmati rice with sauce on top of the 7k wey una collect, you can’t source the real Ofada rice?

I didn’t enjoy the ofada sauce, it was missing something I couldn’t figure out maybe because it was with basmati rice, I don’t just know, it had this weird aftertaste, well na me mess up wey I go order Ofada for Cafe ?.

The pasta was nice but the portion was too small and the chicken was just diced on it. Nothing out of the ordinary in the presentation or taste, so I’m wondering where the N10,500 came from?

Take away pack was those regular packs put inside nylon bag for N500??‍♀️

Cafemesi, Lekki Lagos

Conclusion; I’m pained I didn’t get value for my money everything is not about aesthetics.

What I had:
Pasta 10500
Ofada 7000
Water 700


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